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Cross Docking





            Cross docking at Quick Trip is easy and painless. You don't need to have an account and you don't need to have an apointment as long as it is during our regular hours. We cross dock freight and supply storage to meet your needs. This includes hazmat material and floor loaded vehicles. If you have a load that requires special material handeling give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs.  Along with cross docking we can also supply re palletizing, shrink wrap, inventoring, Loads Restacked, inspection, & Pallets.  Ultra fast turn around time for turckers that are in the need of making apointments, no time to make a delivery leave us the freight and we can make the delivery for you!


     What is Cross Docking?

                        Cross Docking is when freight is dropped off a facility to be re worked or picked up later time because it was in the way of other freight needing to be delivered. Another example of crossdocking is when a truck load shifts and the freight needs to be restacked or reworked. 






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